Convey the experience of imagination. Harness the virtual world.

EXAR Studios is an interactive visualization company.


Our products include virtual and augmented reality builds and interactive visual systems. Our services solve technological challenges with our unique integrated process.


We are owned and operated by the creative technologists that advance the virtual world: multi-disciplinary engineers, scientists, full-stack designers, three-dimensional artists.


Our clients come from the industries of entertainment and media, architecture, urban design, manufacturing, construction, healthcare and public infrastructure


We believe that interactive and experiential media is the future of communication.

Our products and services allow people to connect and convey thoughts and ideas with immersive content.



At the helm of EXAR are the creative technologists that deeply understand the intricacies of our products and services. From the theoretical frameworks that dictate the process of innovation, to the emerging techniques that modernize our craft, our ability to account for it all enables us to offer unparalleled value and resource effectiveness to our clients.


EXAR delivers solutions to corporate clients. As such, the value of our work does not just originate from our technical knowledge, but also from our ability to work with institutional processes. Like institutions, we also internalize the significance of corporate responsibility, business sustainability, scientific research, and economic development, and thus we incorporate these values into our work.


We see creativity as the use of imagination, particularly in the production of an artistic work. At EXAR Studios, we look for qualities like inventiveness, vision, resourcefulness, and ingenuity in our prospective team members. Creativity is an innate human aptitude and cannot be standardized. This is why we prioritize people as the core value of our organization.


Design is the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing. Design can also be thought of as the intentional purpose that exists behind an object. EXAR views design as being driven by process, which allows us to control the timeline and quality of our work for client satisfaction.

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