EXAR Companies

Platero Visual

Platero Visual is constantly challenged to come up with new and impactful campaigns to help brands, community agencies and artists to tell their story. Platero Visual is dedicated to creating attention grabbing visuals, while constantly pushing our work across the changing landscape of media consumption.

VRcadia Technologies

VRcadia is a virtual reality lounge, located on Richmond Row of London, Ontario. The VR booths are designed to immerse our customers’ senses with various virtual experiences. VRcadia supports and invests in the communities that expand the VR market, making truly cutting-edge content available to the city and beyond.


Motiv8.io works with educational institutions, organizations, and individuals to customize and implement training to support brain health and goal completion. Motiv8.io is a social enterprise working to create video games for mental health. Inspired by neuroscience and game design, we’re making better fun.