Edward Platero

Edward Platero is an award-winning filmmaker. Canon Camera USA featured Edward as one of their featured filmmakers using his imagery for their promotions alongside James Cameron and Ron Howard. Edward has worked with brands such as Disney Interactive, PRG North America and The Backstreet Boys.

Arthur Gonzales

Arthur Gonzales is a CAD designer. He has trained 250+ engineers on CAD to a professional level and has developed specifications for architectural, manufacturing, and urban design applications. He has taught a wide range of CAD systems in ten technology programs such as Aerospace Manufacturing.


S is an electrical engineer. S has written four technical papers on medical robotics and haptic feedback. His aptitude for technological designs led to EXAR to the cutting edge with sophisticated visualization technologies.

Daniel Kharlas

Daniel Kharlas is a neuroscientist, wellness facilitator, and co-founder of VRcadia Technologies, a virtual reality company. Daniel’s ambition as coordinator of mental health care in Parkwood Institute research is to transform healthcare using virtual reality technologies.

Ben Switzer

Ben Switzer is the founder of Motiv8.io. After working in sales consulting in the medical field, Ben created the first flexible cognitive enhancement program in Canada. His city-wide engagement toward innovation in mental health led to his coordination of multi-disciplinary teams to develop gamified neurotechnology.

Andrea Tingey

Andrea Tingey‘s education in journalism and law led to her wide-ranging experience in media with newspaper, magazine, radio, social media, and broader communications positions. Her creative aptitude with high-tech tools and narrated content quickly established herself as an integral part of the team.